Priten H. ShahCEO/Founder

Priten Shah,a Harvard-educated serial entrepreneur, is fervently dedicated to pioneering innovative educational solutions that meet diverse learner needs, leveraging experiences from teaching in various settings globally. Currently steering two ventures, United 4 Social Change and Pedagogy.Cloud, he develops tools ranging from animated civics education materials to AI-enhanced classroom resources, aiming to foster healthier democracies and keep educators abreast of rapid technological advancements. Driven by the belief in the transformative potential of technology, Priten harbors the ultimate ambition of preparing individuals for a dynamic future, emphasizing bespoke educational approaches and promoting accessibility in civics education.

Chandani ShahChief Operating Officer

Through her avid participation in debates, Chandani has cultivated a fervent passion for elevating societal consciousness, particularly in the realms of mental health and women's rights. A devoted contributor to Indians 4 Social Change, she has illuminated pressing issues facing women in India, leveraging her love for writing to explore a myriad of topics. Balancing a rich palette of interests including writing, and social activism, Chandani not only enjoys but thrives in environments where the discourse on mental health and women's rights is fostered, working tirelessly to advocate for change and awareness in these critical areas.

Kirk AlemanChief Financial Officer

Kirk is a visionary dedicated to empowering the youth, nurturing their understanding of the boundless opportunities that await in their futures. Deeply passionate about diversity and inclusion, especially in the entrepreneurial landscape, he actively seeks avenues to foster a more inclusive and supportive environment for all aspiring entrepreneurs. With an open heart and a keen ear, Kirk is always eager to engage in enriching conversations that delve into individual motivations and dreams, encouraging people to articulate and pursue what truly drives them to rise each morning with purpose and vigor.

Nina BambergDirector of Programs

Nina boasts a rich educational background with a master's degree in International Education Development, further honed by a specialized concentration in Peace and Human Rights Education. This solid foundation fuels her fervent passion for environmental justice and her unyielding commitment to eradicating educational inequities, in pursuit of a world that embodies fairness and sustainable principles. When not immersed in her advocacy work, Nina finds joy and balance through traveling and yoga, nourishing her mind with podcasts, and challenging herself with puzzles, embracing a holistic approach to both personal growth and her broader mission for societal betterment.

Anthony de MarteOperations Manager

Anthony is a Muhlenberg College alumnus where he honed his skills in theatre and dance, a foundation that propelled him into a rewarding career as a performing artist, administrator, and educator. Deeply passionate about fostering collaboration over competition, he leverages the arts to celebrate our shared humanity, encouraging expressive freedom and unity through his multifaceted roles. Outside of his professional life, Anthony is a proud pet parent to the cuddliest and friendliest pitbull, Cooper.

Joan ManalotoGraphic Designer

Leah KaplanResearch Fellow

Harshit ShahAnimator

Nishi SurtiAnimator


Primary Sponsor

Board Members

Regina Schouten

Associate Professor of Philosophy at Harvard University

Anand Rao

Professor of Communication at University of Mary Washington

Jason P. Mitchell

Professor of Psychology at Harvard University

Anne Sanderson

Associate in Harvard University Philosophy Department

Humza Tahir

Harvard University Class of 2018

Deano Pape

Professor of Communication at Simpson College