Priten H. Shah


  • B.A. in Philosophy and M.Ed. in Education Policy from Harvard University
  • Is a serial entrepreneur whose projects aim to change power dynamics in various industries and fields
  • Lives in NYC with his pet bird, Pia

Chandani Shah

Chief Operating Officer

  • Developed an intense passion for raising social awareness in society through her participation in debate
  • Loves writing about a variety of topics, but has mostly written about issues concerning women in India for I4SC
  • Enjoys discussing mental health, women’s rights, writing, and social activism.

Kirk Aleman

Chief Financial Officer

  • Excited about helping the youth understand the endless possibilities their future holds
  • Passionate about diversity/inclusion, especially in entrepreneurship
  • Always willing to have a conversation about what drives you to wake up in the morning!

Nina Bamberg

Director of Programs

  • MA in International Education Development with a concentration in Peace and Human Rights Education
  • Passionate about environmental justice and combatting educational inequities
  • Loves traveling, yoga, podcasts, and puzzles

Anthony de Marte

Operations Manager

Leah Kaplan

Research Fellow

  • M.A. in Equity and Social Justice in Education at SFSU
  • Passionate about intersectional feminism, equity in education, and holistic health and wellbeing
  • I love world music, swimming in the ocean, and critical social theory

Joan Manaloto

Graphic Designer

  • Graduate in Web Development and currently pursuing Digital Marketing
  • Loves art, design, games and anything digital
  • Practices photography and videography in her spare time

Harshit Shah


  • Founder of Expert Animators group
  • Completed Master of Information Systems
    with Honors from UNE MIT Sydney campus
  • Like to spend time in Sports and Computer

Nishi Surti


  • Member of Expert Animators group
  • IT person
  • Loves to Travel and Photography

Regina Schouten

Board Member

  • Assistant Professor of Philosophy at Harvard University
  • Her work focus on gender justice and educational justice.

Anand Rao

Board Member

  • Professor of Communication at University of Mary Washington
  • More than 25 years of experience with speech and debate
  • Studies social networking

Jason P. Mitchell

Board Member

  • Professor of Psychology at Harvard University
  • Studies Cognitive Processes That Support Inferences About Psychological States of Self and Others
  • BA/MS from Yale University (1997) and PhD from Harvard University (2003)

Anne Sanderson

Board Member

  • Co-Founder and Co-Director of ThinkerAnalytix
  • Retired Teacher of 35 Years
  • Associate in Harvard University Philosophy Department

Humza Tahir

Board Member

  • Former COO
  • Harvard University Class of 2018
  • Works as a web developer

Deano Pape

Board Member

  • Professor of Communication at Simpson College
  • Coaches speech and debate
  • Runs workshops on social media

Jalpa Shah

Director of Women 4 Social Change

  • Is a full-time physician working as an MFM specialist
  • Wants to bring awareness to social issues involving women
  • Spends her free time experimenting with international cuisine

Anchal Kanojia

Director of Indians 4 Social Change

  • Passionate about the social sciences and social change
  • Interested in domestic/foreign politics, history, and policy
  • Involved in RPI’s Indian Student Association

Samantha Nett

Curriculum Development Associate

  • Passionate about raising awareness for CRPS and other invisible chronic illnesses
  • Enjoys reading books and running track
  • Has a Goldendoodle named Buddy

Alan Plotz

Director of Operations

  • Freshman at Princeton University
  • Passionate about gun control and immigration
  • Loves to participate in Model UN and run the Politics Club at his school

Teddy Delisio

Programs Assistant

  • Very passionate about environmental preservation
  • Enjoys participating in debate and athletics
  • Senior at Manchester Essex Regional High School

Tara Tian

Courses 4SC Associate

  • Will be a junior at Boston University in the fall
  • Passionate about LGBTQ rights and fighting racism
  • Likes to play badminton or draw and paint

Aislinn McCormarck

Curriculum Development Associate

  • Pursuing a degree in English and Creative Writing at Brandeis University
  • Owner of many books (and not enough bookshelves)
  • Enjoys making foam weaponry

Elizabeth Bigelow

Programs Associate

  • Loves discussing the intersection between art, culture, and language 
  • Passionate about mental health in the adoptee community
  • Likes to fiddle around on the ukulele in her free time 

Veda Kumar

Summer Intern

  • Rising Junior at Rice University studying sociology and psychology
  • Passionate about women’s rights, education, and criminal justice reform
  • Loves to read and draw during her free time

Nikita Choksi

Summer Intern

  • Rising Junior at the University at Albany, studying Business Administration, Marketing, Information Technology Management, Criminal Justice
  • Passionate about LGBTQ+ rights, and the Criminal Justice system
  • Currently the Director of Programming in the UAlbany Student association!

Avinash Thakkar

Summer Intern

  • Currently a junior at McDonogh High School
  • Enjoys Policy Debate, running his school’s Philosophy Club, and  playing cricket
  • Loves learning languages and more about philosophic thought

Allyson Margolis

Summer Intern

  • Rising Junior at the University of Pennsylvania, majoring in Political Science
  • Passionate about reproductive rights and equal access to education
  • Enjoys dancing and teaching dance to students in Philadelphia public schools

Lennie Manioudakis

Operations Associate (Summer 2018 - Fall 2018)

  • Junior at the Commonwealth School

  • Passionate about improving the quality of sex education in Boston area schools

  • Plays drums and paints in his spare time

Stephen Wu

Operations Associate (Summer 2018 - Fall 2018)

  • Junior at the Commonwealth School

  • Passionate about bringing human perspectives into social justice and environmental discussions

  • Practices music and art in his spare time

Harry Hatton

Media Education Intern (Summer 2018 - Fall 2018)

  • Graduated from Dublin Institute of Technology in Ireland 
  • Earned a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism
  • Previously interned at Lesley University in their Athletics Department providing media coverage

Matt Fratus

Editor (Summer 2018 - Fall 2018)

  • Works as a writer covering a wide range of history topics
  • A graduate of Bridgewater State University with an area of study in Criminal Justice.
  • Enjoys helping others attain the tools to create social change

Mindy Zhang

Social Media Intern (I4SC) (Summer 2018)

  • Sophomore in Bentley University with a focus on marketing
  • Enjoys crafting and trying out different food.
  • Passionate about gender equality

Krupa Patel

Curriculum Development Associate

  • Pursuing a JD and PhD in philosophy at Harvard, with a focus in moral and political philosophy
  • Passionate about human rights, migration, and inequality issues
  • Loves hiking, traveling, reading, and learning from others

Yesi Camacho Torres

Curriculum Development Associate

  • Pursuing a Master’s degree in Human Development and Psychology (Child Advocacy) 
  • Passionate about children’s growth and development
  • Interested in how immigration, poverty, and trauma affect children’s and adolescents academic performance and formation of cultural identity

Reed Turner-Murray

Curriculum Development Intern

  • Passionate about using space travel as a means of reducing the strain on the planet
  • Enjoys writing and playing video games
  • Has four pet cats

Sarah Alkhafaji

Educators 4SC Research Assistant

  • Passionate about immigration and women’s rights
  • Believes in the power of humor in establishing empathy
  • Loves the outdoors, but is terrified of bees!

Virginia Lewis

Curriculum Development Associate

  • Pursuing her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Communication at the University of Massachusetts Amherst
  • Passionate about climate change, human rights, and equality
  • Loves  running, writing, and watching movies

Miranda Eng

Curriculum Development Associate

  • Pursuing her Bachelor’s in English at Harvard
  • Passionate about using writing as a tool for social change
  • Loves anything fantasy and sci-fi, and enjoys drawing

Ben Bryant

Director of Programs

  • Passionate about Criminal Justice reform
  • Member of the Harvard College Leadership Project
  • Volunteers at the Harvard Square Homeless Shelter