NY Seal of Civic Readiness


At United 4 Social Change, we are dedicated to helping students achieve the New York Seal of Civic Readiness, which recognizes high levels of proficiency in civic knowledge, skills, and engagement. Our programs offer diverse educational experiences and practical learning to meet the Seal’s requirements in Civic Knowledge and Civic Participation. By engaging with our initiatives, students enhance their understanding of civic responsibility and better prepare for academic and career opportunities. Explore the resources we offer below to help students meet the seal requirements effectively.



Students 4 Social Change equips students with the tools to fulfill the High School Civics Project or Middle School Capstone Project as part of the Civic Participation requirements of the New York Seal of Civic Readiness. By participating in our argumentative writing internship and publishing op-eds, students can earn points towards the Seal by demonstrating their ability to effectively communicate and advocate for civic issues. This program not only helps students meet educational benchmarks but also empowers them to become persuasive and passionate civic leaders.


Academy 4 Social Change offers comprehensive resources for civic education that can be used to fulfill Civic Knowledge or Civic Participation requirements of the New York Seal of Civic Readiness. Through our interdisciplinary curriculum—encompassing economics, history, psychology, philosophy, US government, global issues, democracy, media literacy, data, and modern US issues—students gain the skills and knowledge necessary to engage effectively in civic life. Our educational videos, complete with lesson plans and worksheets, not only educate but also inspire students to apply their learning in real-world contexts, empowering them to become informed and active citizens.


Educators 4SC provides teachers with essential resources and topic guides to enhance civic education, directly supporting the achievement of the New York Seal of Civic Readiness. Our topic guides provide teachers with support and resources to incorporate subject and content matter that may be difficult to discuss into the classroom. Additionally, our task forces simulate decision-making scenarios, encouraging students to develop persuasive writing and speaking skills while actively participating in civic problem-solving, fulfilling key Civic Participation criteria of the Seal.