The Genesis: A Family Mission

United 4 Social Change was born out of a shared dream between two siblings, Priten Shah and Chandani Shah. The duo decided to initiate the venture in 2013, at a transformative juncture in their lives—Chandani was in high school, contemplating her next steps, while Priten was taking a gap year before college. Their unwavering belief in the power of civic education and their commitment to fostering social change led them to take the leap. Chandani extended her commitment to the cause during her own gap year, while Priten chose to take another gap year to dedicate himself entirely to shaping the organization's mission and activities.

Phase One: Grassroots Beginnings

Initially, United 4 Social Change was conceived as a platform to offer students opportunities for civic engagement, aiming to solve intractable social problems from the ground up. Priten, inspired by his previous organization, was already deeply concerned with civic issues. The shared ambition was simple yet powerful: create a new generation of socially conscious individuals who could drive democratic change.

The College Years: Broadening Horizons

As Priten and Chandani navigated through college, the organization underwent significant evolution. Academic influences, discussions with professors, and a more nuanced understanding of global issues reinforced the Shah siblings' belief in education as the cornerstone for democratic vitality. Thus, United 4 Social Change started to grow both in its scope and depth. The mission was refined to focus on enabling not just students, but everyone, to become "civic leaders"—a term we believe should be synonymous with being an active "member of a democratic society."

The Current Mission: Interdisciplinary Civics Education

Today, United 4 Social Change has blossomed into an organization committed to providing an accessible, interdisciplinary civics education to individuals of all ages and backgrounds. Our curriculum delves into the complexities of the issues facing the societies we live in, inspiring students to identify their own causes and equipping them with the tools to effect change. We have developed a plethora of resources, including online courses, teacher materials, and diverse student programs, available in both asynchronous and synchronous formats as well as live and online settings.

Guiding Principles​

Our work operates on two fundamental premises. First, we firmly believe that a liberal arts education is vital for nurturing a healthy democratic society, as it enriches civic ethos and elevates public discourse. Second, given its paramount importance, we stress that such education must be made accessible from an early age. By adhering to these principles, we aim to improve communities around the globe.

The Future: Every Citizen, a Civic Leader

As we look to the future, our mission is clear: to train every member of a democratic society with the knowledge, dispositions, and tools to become genuine civic leaders. By doing so, we hope to make a tangible impact, one individual at a time, on democracies and societies around the world.

United 4 Social Change started as a dream between two siblings, and it has grown into a global force for good. We invite you to join us in our mission to transform education and, through it, the world.