Creating Civic Leaders

United 4 Social Change expands access to an interdisciplinary civics education that enlights students about social issues, ignites their passion, and unites them in action, fostering a new generation of engaged and informed leaders who actively contribute to the democratic process.


Students build knowledge about their communities.


Students discover what motivates and drives them.


Students gain skills and resources to pursue action.

Academy 4SC

Over 250 videos, lesson plans, and worksheets on various civics concepts from across disciplines including psychology, philosophy, economics, history, media literacy, government, and data science.


Leaders 4SC

After-school and summer programs for middle and high school students where they can practice leadership, communication, decision-making, and advocacy while gaining knowledge and exposure to various disciplines and current events.

Courses 4SC

Courses on argumentative writing, persuasive speaking, and nonprofit career training to provide students with training in key civic engagement skills.


Teachers can view resources including research compilations, lessons, professional learning communities, and conferences!


Students can access our publications, courses, workshops, leadership opportunities, and more to engage with U4SC outside of school.