United 4 Social Change expands access to an interdisciplinary civics education that enlights students about social issues, ignites their passion, and unites them in action, fostering a new generation of engaged and informed leaders who actively contribute to the democratic process.

Our Programs


Reaching over 1 million students and teachers on Youtube through an interdisciplinary civics education platform covering topics such as philosophy, psychology, economics, government, data science, media literacy, and global issues like climate change and inequality.


Equipping more than three million educators with highly-rated resources for civics education including lesson plans, innovative classroom projects, and a white paper on the state of civics education across the country.


An annual summer workshop serving over 500 students across the last four years to nurture leadership, public speaking, and argumentative writing skills in middle-school students.


A collection of hundreds of articles written by students and interns who participated in our argumentative writing course.


Students build knowledge about their communities.


Students discover what motivates and drives them.


Students gain skills and resources to pursue action.

Our Mission

United 4 Social Change is a nonprofit that develops effective civic leaders who write persuasively, speak passionately, and actively participate in the creation and dissemination of ideas.

The need for civic leaders (members of society who have the awareness, desire, and capacity to drive social change) is becoming apparent all over the world. People are either unable to see social ills, don’t appreciate the need for change, or don’t have the tools and skills to spur change.
This is why our work at U4SC has become ever crucial in making sure that everyone, and not just political and economic leaders, are participating in civic leadership.

We do this through a three-pronged approach that corresponds to the three levels of problems outlined above. We enlight them about social issues, ignite the fire within them to care about social problems, and unite them to act towards social change.

Our Impact

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