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At this time we are mostly offering virtual workshops. In some cases we may be able to accommodate in-person workshops in NYC.

Available Workshop Topics

Making Argumentative Writing Engaging in History and English Classrooms

Engage students’ analytical thinking skills, as well as their imagination, by incorporating argumentative writing into history and literature courses. At U4SC, we have two projects called Readers 4 Social Change and Historians 4 Social Change that allow students to place themselves inside historical moments and fictional stories and write editorial-style articles from the perspective of someone living in that context. This workshop will focus on the basics of a strong op-ed and connecting the skill to history and literature curricula. When teachers use these projects in their classroom, we will post their articles on our site.

Using Simulations to Teach Leadership and Critical Thinking

Today’s students are the next generation of leaders. Simulations are a great way for students to think critically about the decisions that they would make as leaders in different fields. In this workshop, you will participate in a simulation, design one to use in your classes, and receive feedback from peers and facilitators. We will also walk you through our library of over 100 task forces.

Teaching Controversial Issues

Teaching about issues that are considered socially or politically controversial can be essential learning opportunities for students, but often feels risky for teachers. This workshop will cover how to teach controversial issues in a non-political way and how to foster the skills students need to develop well-informed opinions on the issues facing our world.

Teaching about Supreme Court Cases

The decisions that the Supreme Court has made have shaped the United States throughout its history. This workshop will discuss how to critically analyze supreme court decisions, some key vocabulary for understanding cases and decisions, and give activity ideas for how to engage students more deeply in the workings of the Supreme Court.

Approaching College-Level Texts with Middle School Students

Young students are capable of grasping complex concepts. At U4SC, we create lessons and guided readings that help break down complex texts. This workshop will walk educators through making a complex, academic text approachable for middle-school aged students.

Incorporating Interdisciplinary Topics/Current Events Into Core Curricula

We firmly believe that teaching about current events does not mean neglecting the core curriculum. From reading, writing, history, math, and science, current events are an interdisciplinary project. This worksop will cover approaches, activities, and projects that will help incorporate current events into core curricular requirements.

Civics Beyond Voting

At U4SC, we believe that civic participation and leadership are available to everyone. This workshop will cover the varied ways that students can learn how to be active civic participation.

Contextualizing Current Events with Humanities

Teaching about current events is made richer when connections are made to broader concepts and ideas. This workshop will cover how to create important context by connecting current events to history, philosophy, psychology, economics, and other key areas of study.

Using Academy 4SC in Your Classroom

This workshop will go over the ins and outs of using our animated videos to create lessons and teach a variety of topics.


Priten Shah CEO/Founder

Priten Shah,a Harvard-educated serial entrepreneur, is fervently dedicated to pioneering innovative educational solutions that meet diverse learner needs, leveraging experiences from teaching in various settings globally. Currently steering two ventures, United 4 Social Change and Pedagogy.Cloud, he develops tools ranging from animated civics education materials to AI-enhanced classroom resources, aiming to foster healthier democracies and keep educators abreast of rapid technological advancements. Driven by the belief in the transformative potential of technology, Priten harbors the ultimate ambition of preparing individuals for a dynamic future, emphasizing bespoke educational approaches and promoting accessibility in civics education.

Nina BambergDirector of Programs

Nina boasts a rich educational background with a master's degree in International Education Development, further honed by a specialized concentration in Peace and Human Rights Education. This solid foundation fuels her fervent passion for environmental justice and her unyielding commitment to eradicating educational inequities, in pursuit of a world that embodies fairness and sustainable principles. When not immersed in her advocacy work, Nina finds joy and balance through traveling and yoga, nourishing her mind with podcasts, and challenging herself with puzzles, embracing a holistic approach to both personal growth and her broader mission for societal betterment.


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