Summer Intern 2019: Why I Decided To Stay At U4SC

My experience with U4SC has been terrific. Over the summer I was connected with a great group of people, grew in many ways, and acquired a sense of accomplishment after working. This being said, when I was offered an opportunity to continue at U4SC, I was more than thrilled to be able to continue. 

Working for U4SC was a great experience from the start. During my internship, the entire team at U4SC was extremely welcoming when I started the internship. When the internship started I was nervous to see what my first “office job” would entail but the office environment was nothing, but healthy and helpful. I felt like if I had a question I could ask, and involved with what was going on.  Also, working for United for Social Change exposed me to many new ideas ranging from future career paths in non-profits, how businesses and nonprofits operate, and topics in philosophy that I would not be exposed to otherwise. 

My time at U4SC also benefited me greatly in terms of personal growth. Throughout the summer I saw improvement in my fictional and analytical writing. My workplace skills have improved, and after the internship, I feel much more confident in my ability to work in an office space effectively. All in all, the skills that I have acquired have helped me in the workplace, classroom, and beyond. 

Additionally, the work I did for my internship was rewarding. I felt like the time I put into the organization was an extremely productive use of time. Not only did this time lead to self-improvement, but it was also enjoyable and had a sense of accomplishment. Compared to other jobs I had working for U4SC has been much more enjoyable.  I would be excited to go to work and felt that my time spent with the organization was time well spent when I would get home.

Written by Programs Assistant, Teddy