Workshops 4 Social Change

Building Advocacy Skills and Training Changemakers

We offer workshops to students of all ages (elementary to mid-career professionals) on social advocacy. Our workshops center on building student skills in public speaking and argumentative writing. We also include discussions on social advocacy, social issues, and justice throughout the workshop.

Our workshops have been taught in two languages (Hindi and English), and we are working on adding a third this summer (Gujarati).

We have held multiple mini-workshops in India (one in partnership with SEWA Bharat), two summer workshops in Boston (in partnership with Global Academic Commons), and several mini-workshops in the United States (in partnership with Yale Splash, MIT ESP, and others).


Truly awesome! Lot of fun and a great discussion. Enjoyed that the students drove the discussion.

–Workshop participant

Even though I already took debate, I learned new things.

–Workshop participant

This class was amazing. Wish it was longer.

–Workshop participant

Priten Shah was amazing with our middle schoolers. He knows how to talk to them. Priten got these reluctant speakers to stand and practice their speeches, and to eventually deliver their words with confidence, loud and clear without fidgeting. He beautifully scaffolded his feedback. At first he would praise them and have them change something very small and easy. He would continue to have them repeat their speeches, and each time the feedback got more sophisticated, and the students felt it. We could see them standing up straighter, and could see the realization on their faces that this was a professional taking them through the needed steps, that this was not just empty praise and obligatory fixes. I would highly recommend United 4 Social Change for middle schoolers if they are doing anything related to public speaking, or if they are just being introduced to the idea of public speaking being a useful life skill.

-- Middle-School Teacher

Writing and Social Advocacy

Our Writing and Social Advocacy Workshop teaches students how to use writing as a tool for social change by writing persuasive pieces of writing.

Sample Schedule

9:30 am -- Registration and Breakfast
10:00 am -- Introduction + Icebreakers
10:30 am -- Conversation on Writings Role in Society
11:00 am -- What Makes Strong Social Change Writing?
11:30 am -- Introduction to Persuasion + Argumentation
12:30 pm – Lunch
1:00 pm -- Brainstorming Topics
1:30 pm -- Writing an Outline
2:00 pm -- Thesis Statements
2:30 pm -- Counterarguments
3:00 pm -- Writing Your Article/Sharing
4:00 pm -- Final Questions and Certificates

Public Speaking and Social Advocacy

Our Public Speaking and Social Advocacy Workshop teaches students how to use speaking as a tool for social change by speaking persuasively and confidently.

Sample Schedule
9:30 am -- Registration and Breakfast
10:00 am -- Introduction + Icebreakers
10:30 am -- Conversation on Speaking Advocacy in Society
11:00 am -- Introduction to Argumentation + Persuasion
11:30 am -- Watching + Evaluating Strong Speakers
12:30 pm -- Lunch
1:00 pm -- Speaking Practice/Lesson
1:30 pm -- Brainstorming Topics
2:00 pm -- Outlining Your Speech
2:30 pm -- Thinking About Your Audience
3:00 pm -- Delivering Your Speeches
4:00 pm -- Final Questions and Certificates

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Past Events

Recent Workshops

6/24/2018 - Middle School Public Speaking Workshop @ Boston, MA

6/6/2018 - Journalism and Social Advocacy Workshop @ Delhi, India

Events in Partnerships

Co-Hosted Workshops

6/23/2018 - Middle School Public Speaking Workshop w/ The Academy at Harvard Square

Summer 2017 - Journalism and Social Advocacy 2-Week Workshop w/ Global Academic Commons

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We run workshops that range from 1 hour to multi-day workshops.

We aim to keep our workshops accessible, so there is no cost besides travel expenses if you're outside of the Northeast.

Number of Students
We offer workshops for anywhere from 5-100 students!

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