Colorism in The Black Community: The Problem That Doesn’t Get Addressed


Recently a video of Erica Campbell’s daughter speaking about the hardships she has faced as a dark-skinned black girl went viral on Twitter. Many voiced their support of the young girl, while others were disappointed in Erica’s response of disbelief towards her daughter’s difficult story. As black people, we need to get real about colorism instead of dismissing the […]

Death by Misogyny


Trigger Warning: This article contains descriptions of murder, shootings, and violence against women, as well as the misogynistic words of an alleged mass murderer. “I am polite.  I am the ultimate gentleman, and yet, you girls never give me a chance.  I don’t know why.” In a YouTube video entitled “Why do girls hate me […]

The Evolving F Word

“Well-behaved women seldom make history.” – Laurel Thatcher Ulrich

“Cotton Mather called them ‘the hidden ones.’ They never preached or sat in a deacon’s bench. Nor did they vote or attend Harvard. Neither, because they were virtuous women, did they question God or the magistrates…Hoping for an eternal crown, they never asked to be remembered on Earth. And they haven’t been. Well-behaved women seldom […]