United 4 Social Change

When master’s student Priten Shah was an undergraduate at Harvard College, he was surprised to learn that rates of civic engagement in modern democracies were low. Because of this, he realized, democratic nations were being controlled by the voices of the few, rather than the many.

Top 5 Reasons I Chose to Intern at a Start-Up Non-Profit Versus a Name-Drop Organization

The following post was written by MA in Peace and Justice student Courtney Vaughan. Before COVID-19, I spent many days scouring the internet and networking at Kroc School events to secure the perfect internship. I was imagining something big and bold with a recognizable name that would be an impressive addition to my resume.

Hall of Fame: Presenting BostInno’s 25 Under 25

“Age is just a number” is what people say when they don’t want age to get in the way of what they seek to accomplish. But this year’s batch of BostInno’s 25 achievers under the age of 25 has turned the platitude on its head, demonstrating that no one’s ever too young to accomplish great feats.

2018 Heroes Update: Priten H. Shah AB ’19

Priten H. Shah AB ’19, founder of United 4 Social Change, tells us how the Heroes grant was used to expand his nonprofit’s workshops to over a thousand students in the past six months. Thanks in part to the Harvardwood Heroes grant, we were able to greatly expand our workshop offerings and presented to almost 1,250 students since May 2018!