Argumentative Writing Internship: Learn Editorial-Style Writing

Online Internship/Course for High School & College Students


An Internship, Course, and Volunteer Opportunity Bundled Together


The internship is centered around getting you to be able to write editorial- (op-ed) style pieces that put forth arguments on some aspect of a social issue.

All assignments go through an editing process where we provide you individual feedback on your writing and help you work on the skills taught that week.

Your writing will be published on our site, shared on our social media, and sent out by social media. We will also work with students to publish their final pieces at the end of the internship on news outlets as op-eds or as Letters to the Editor.


The internship will include weekly lessons and quizzes to help you learn the skills required in writing argumentative editorial-style pieces.

Each lesson will include:

  • Written Lectures where you learn one aspect of argumentative writing
  • Quick Practice Quizzes where you answer multiple choice questions
  • Article Assignments where you write an article each week (which we will publish on our site)

Volunteer Opportunity

While our first goal as a non-profit is to train students to be able to write better, we also work with other organizations to provide them with publicity and resources to grow their organizations.

Your writing is an instrumental part of that project! We will post information about non-profits that are relevant to your writing around your article to help draw attention to complementary organizations.

You are also free to suggest organizations that you think would make a good fit for your writing that week, but this is not a requirement.


  • Age: High Schoolers (8th-12th grade in 2017-2018) or College Students
  • Language: English (For now)
  • Country: Anywhere!
  • Materials: Have a computer/tablet with access to reliable Internet


Key Dates and Location
  • Application Deadline: Rolling
  • Application Fee: $10 (Refunded if not accepted)
  • Program Cost: Free!
  • Dates: Around 8 weeks from session start (ANYTIME during the year)
    • The internship can be done at your own pace so you can do more in some weeks, and less in others!
  • Location: Anywhere! It's all online!
    •  Our lessons, assignments, video interfaces, and chatting will all take place on our website


  • Become a stronger writer and be better equipped to handle college writing
  • Have all your articles published on our site and the chance to get published on others
  • Get a certificate of completion and letter of recommendation
  • Connect with other like-minded individuals, and
  • Spread awareness about social issues


Applications are being accepted now and will be accepted on a rolling basis.

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