Academy 4SC

An animated video project drawing from various disciplines (e.g. philosophy, psychology, rhetoric, economics, history) that helps students apply this knowledge to their daily lives.


Our goal to reach a wide audience with interdisciplinary content lacking in civics curricula is likewise exemplified by our Academy 4 Social Change program. Academy 4SC provides resources on topics in the fields of philosophy, psychology, history, media literacy, government, and more that together form the foundation of well-rounded civic knowledge. We use Academy 4SC resources in our own classes, but students and adults of all ages benefit from the material as evidenced by online engagement. 



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This was the best video I've seen on this case! Great job 👍
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Nice job! I'm going to use this in my 8th grade US History class.
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Wow! Thanks so much!! This made my school assignment so much clearer. I feel like I finally understand HDI. Doing extra research on it right now, not even for school lol
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